Pad Thai on the Beach: Mondays are for Dreaming

My friend Anna left a comment on my post, Afternoon Light. She said that I should have taken some photographs of the pad thai we ate while we on Koh Samed. When I read her comment, I laughed aloud. How could she have known my pad thai secrets? Not only had I taken the pad thai photographs (I love to photograph our food even though this is sometimes annoying for DP who would prefer to be eating his food!) but I had also planned to post them today.

Our pad thai (ordered with chicken, no shrimp) was brought directly to our beach chairs. It tasted every bit as amazing as it looks… served with peanuts and a twist of lime.

Everything you could possibly want to know about pad thai can be found at the food blog Chez Pim.

Hungry yet? Tell us about a memorable meal from your travels.


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