Koh Samed Afternoons

Last weekend we were on the island of Koh Samed, about three hours from Bangkok. The place where we stayed was not posh or exclusive. There were no Thai men in starched white uniforms to move our beach chairs and tables. It was perfect. We stayed in a little bungalow with a wooden porch just off the beach. We lived without alarm clocks and internet. It was the first time in a long time that we travelled without our computers. On Saturday afternoon, we walked down the beach and bought a chocolate and banana crepe (called roti here). As we walked back towards our hotel, we saw that the local restaurant owners were scurrying about, moving tables and chairs indoors. They all knew what was happening before we even saw the clouds. Moments later, the clouds broke open and a warm rain washed over us. It was wonderful.

This weekend we are at home in Bangkok, catching up on work. What are your plans for this glorious weekend?


  1. @Heather on her travelsI know exactly how you feel. I was too busy living to blog this summer. The good news is that I have read, several times, that a blogger out not apologize for not posting for a while… so I skipped the apologies and the guilt. I'm really glad to hear a familiar blogging voice here in BKK.

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