First Breath of Bangkok

I didn’t know how to begin. (And I didn’t feel very Zen about it either.)

I didn’t know how to begin telling you about Bangkok. I’ve been away from this little blog space for weeks while we have moved continents and so much has happened… Finally, I thought that I should just dive in. Here are some moments from our first few weeks in Bangkok…

1. We left Ottawa at 6:40 a.m. on a Friday morning. Three flights and two layovers… four hours in Chicago and four hours in Tokyo. We landed in Thailand at midnight on Saturday night. Practically Sunday. This is not a journey for the faint of heart.

2. When we first arrived in Bangkok, we lived in a hotel for 10 days. A man held the door open for us every time we arrived or departed. We ate brunch in the hotel restaurant. I told DP that I thought maybe we could live there. He didn’t think so.

3. We started new teacher orientation on our third day in Bangkok. The other new people seem lovely. The school is enormous and well equipped. It has a gym and a theatre and a performance studio and a multi-purpose hall and several fields. We feel very fortunate.

4. For a several days we lived in an apartment a few floors above the one we’ve rented while it was cleaned and painted. I chose to paint one wall of our bedroom bright red. I’m not sure if this is auspicious or not.

5. Last weekend, we took a trip to the ancient city of Ayutaya where there were once more than 400 temples. The area with the highest concentration of ruins is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. It’s true. The traffic in Bangkok is bad. Horrific at times. (We read a guidebook that explained that the way to enjoy Bangkok is to drink lots of water and avoid rush hour.) We will not be driving a car here. Ever.

7. Most days we walk to school. It’s about a ten minute walk because I am not a fast walker at the best of times and I have to be particularly careful as the sidewalks here are a bit treacherous. I actually ripped one of my favourite shirts on a garbage can on the first day of school. Oops. On Tuesday morning we took our building’s tuk-tuk to school. We left the apartment at 6:35 a.m. Ouch!

8. Every day we come home to a plastic container of fresh fruit, cut up by our maid, in the fridge. We have had watermelon, pineapple, langsat and pomelo.

9. The sun sets earlier than it did in Barcelona. Here’s the view from our apartment.

10. We feel strangely at home already. I’ll keep telling you my stories…


  1. Hey Monna and DP! I'm really excited you guys are finally in my neck of the woods & are getting on fine! I love reading your first post (made me hungry for some fresh cut fruit myself!), and can't wait to see you guys! Lynn.

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