Good-byes by Polaroid

Here’s another polaroid from the enchanting town of Cadaques which we visited a few weeks ago. We were just beginning our round of good-byes that weekend, trying on that leaving-Barcelona-state-of-mind like a suit jacket you need… but are not so sure you like.

The cycle is almost complete. Our apartment is practically empty… our belongings were packed up by the movers on Wednesday (an experience I enjoyed almost as much as chocolate) and the shipment is now being loaded onto a slow boat to Thailand. The landlady’s art is back on the walls and even she agrees that the place looked better when it was filled with our lovely photographs and belongings. Every morning we drop off items in the teachers’ lounge… novels and travel guides… a never-used curling iron and a mountain of canvas book bags (how did we ever end up with so many?). These items are claimed before we leave the room… flying off to new homes. Colleagues have started to look right through us, the way people do when you are leaving an international school. You start to be gone even when you are still here. (That never gets any easier.) One of our good friends has cried.

It’s official. It’s time to buy that suit jacket.

On Sunday, we’re off to Sitges with friends. I need to find my hat… I hope I didn’t pack it. We’ll walk on the beach and take photos and then find a lovely cafe where we’ll sit and watch the world go by during the hottest part of the day.

Two weeks left. This morning our Director said, “I hope you are savouring every moment.”

We’re doing our best.

At Deb Dubrow’s blog, Delicious Baby, people are coming and going too. See their Friday photos here.


  1. The picture has a lovely old fashioned quality to it, which I imagine sums up your nostalgia about the place. Leaving is always hard, but it's exciting to be going somewhere new…

  2. I know that bar! Strangely enough I used to live near Cadaques and am now living in Canada. After several years living in Spain my Spanish should also be better – sounds like we have a lot in common.

  3. I just said good-bye to my job and even though it's what I wanted, my feelings are definitely complicated. So even though I'm not physically moving, I definitely share the emotions expressed in both your photo and the text that accompanies it.I can't believe that anyone felt it necessary to remind you to savor the rest of your time – you strike me as someone who does that every day anyway.

  4. Cadaques looks beautiful – thanks to this and your earlier post I have added it to my list of places I'd like to travel to some day (soon).Keep on keeping calm and carrying on – I can't remember who said that just because you turn two doesn't mean you stop being one… Wherever you go, you'll always have Spain with you (and Mexico, and and and… all of the places that have touched your soul).

  5. I'm sad for you!Your quote about savoring every moment is really poignant. I think that's what makes travel so special – it forces us to do just that because everything is so temporary when we're on the road.

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