Dreaming of Cadaques on the Costa Brava

Our friends took us to Cadaques to say good-bye. (This trip was the first of a round of dinners and excursions in our honour.) It’s funny how a thing can be so lovely and sad at the same time. Bittersweet.

Cadaques is on the Costa Brava of the Mediterranean, two and a half hours from Barcelona. The people of this region say that you cannot turn a rock over without finding an artist. Salvador Dali had a house here, at nearby Port Lligat, and artists Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro spent time in Cadaques as well. I can certainly understand the draw. I asked DP what he loved about the town and he said, “It’s pretty. Even the name is pretty.” (It’s true… we took a load of photos of this picturesque town.) I would add that the town is laid-back… I felt relaxed from the moment we arrived. Visiting Cadaques is like being inside a postcard… but in a good way. The day was sunny… there was a breeze coming off the sea… and the temperature was 23 degrees Celsius. So lovely.

One friend told us that Cadaques is definitely THE place “to see and be seen” for los Barceloneses (people from Barcelona) so we laughed right out loud when we bumped into friends from our school.

Our itinerary:
1. Arrive in Cadaques. Find table for five at sea-side cafe belonging to El Casino. Drink coffee. Take photographs.
2. Eat lunch at Casa Anita which is an institution in Cadaques. (Dali was a regular here. He told the owner that the place was perfect and that he should not change the place.)
3. Take gentle stroll around town. More photographs.
4. Drive up to Cap de Creus (8 kilometres drive). Take in astonishing view. Sit down at cafe. Order coffee.
5. Stop at the tiny town of Port Lligat. More photographs.
6. Drive home.

It was a perfectly perfect day in Cadaques. We wished we had stayed the night.

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  1. @Heather on her travelsOh yes, indeed… they do still use wine bottles as candle holders. Ours was coated with months' worth of wax. That was one of the things Dali liked about this place. The owner showed me a Toronto Star review of Casa Anita written in 2000 which is where I learned about Dali's connection to the restaurant.

  2. I DEFINITELY feel like I've stepped inside a postcard (probably one from the 1970s) when I look at your pictures. Talk about atmospheric – wow. I'm really enjoying your lovely, gracious, slow good-bye to Spain. Somehow I feel like I'm leaving with you – and I've never been there.

  3. @KristineIt is so lovely. If you get a chance, I do recommend spending some time on the Costa Brava north of Barcelona. Cadaques is actually very close to France. The pace of life is slower than in the city and the sea food is amazing… and I'm not even a fan of seafood.@Mara from Motherofalltrips You, too, must put Spain on your list. As with very country, there are many different Spains. I like the northeast (Cataluña) although the south (Sevilla, for example) is much sexier.Thanks for your kind words about the photos.Amy @ The Q Family Although I was only there for a day, I wanted to live there. Isn't it crazy when that happens?

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