Dreaming of The Tuileries Garden, Paris

I love THIS garden.

The Tuileries Garden covers just over 60 gloriously green acres in the middle of Paris. Louis XIV, the Sun King, resided at the Tuileries Palace while Versailles was under construction and, in 1664, landscape architect Andre Le Notre designed the spacious formal garden that provided a view along the axis known as the Axe historique. The Tuileries Garden is surrounded by the Louvre (to the east), the Seine (to the south), the Place de la Concorde (to the west) and the Rue de Rivoli (to the north).

Oh.. and it’s gorgeous. The garden is leafy green and dappled with golden sunlight. Couples walk here, hand in hand, and kids sail little read boats that their parents have rented from the boat man. There’s a technicolour carousel and two lovely art museums (one big and one small) that book-end the garden. A large round fountain is surrounded by dozens of perfect green metal chairs made for leaning back on sunny spring days. People (even people from far away) meet there to have their photos taken by lovely French photographers. (I’ve heard it’s true.)

It’s true that I dream of the Tuileries… that I dream of Paris. The best part of this particular dream is that my sweet DP, a man who does not dream of Paris, has agreed to accompany me to this City of Light at the end of June. A farewell tour, if you will. A farewell to Paris, to Europe. Adieu for now.

Mara at Mother of All Trips has invited her blogging friends to join her for “Mondays are for Dreaming.” You can check it out here.


  1. Oh Monna, you and I are sisters in dreaming of Paris. I think I do it almost every day. And of course, the Tuileries pretty much represent everything that I love about the city. I hope you have a wonderful trip there. I can't think of a better place to say goodbye to Europe.

  2. Mara,We are Paris-dreaming-sisters indeed. I promise that DP and I will have a decadent sleeping-in, cafe-sitting, photo-taking, window-shopping, roast-chicken-and macaron-eating, Tuileries-walking trip!

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