Everyday Lovely, Issue 2

Our school’s International Food Fair was scheduled for last Friday night but it was postponed midweek due to reports of wildly inclement weather. On Thursday evening, while DP and I were walking along Gran de Gracia, the grey skies cracked open. The whole city had been waiting for it. People stood in doorways and waited for the rain to let up. We did not wait, DP and I. We bought falafel to go and took photographs and walked home with our jeans made heavy with rain drops.

Please share your everyday lovely bits below. You can read more about this weekly feature here.

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  1. Heather,I love that you were the first person to join me for Everyday Lovely. The owl is so cool… and what a creative way to make the best of the loss of a living tree. Thanks for starting us off!

  2. Hi Monna,I'm not sure I linked correctly, but I think I added a link for your Everday Lovely theme. Great idea. I always need to be reminded that I don't need to travel to exotic places to find beauty.Heather (aka heza)

  3. @Heather D.There you are! Thanks for linking. I love how the shafts of light fall and break across your runners. Your 365 project is also a celebration of the every day… I have really been enjoying your shots!

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