Art and Life at the Louvre

It was early afternoon on the first Sunday of May and the line for admission to the Louvre reached all the way to the Seine. (This is only a slight exaggeration.) We remembered Rick Steves’ advice about using the (secret) entrance from the mall below. A lovely guard pointed us in the right direction and within ten minutes we were inside the museum… poof!… like magic. We found ourselves flowing along a wide river of tourists, all of whom had evidently heard about FREE SUNDAY at the Louvre. It was the first visit for DPs parents and they wandered through the Italian Renaissance section punch-drunk on saturated pinks and blues. I remember my first visit… I fell deeply, dizzily in love with the Virgin Marys and their cotton-candy-cheeks. (I have never fully recovered.) This time, however, DP and I hung back. We sat and watched. We photographed and documented and played with light and motion. Life as art.

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  1. I never made it to the louve when i was in paris because i was short on time. when i go back this summer, im gonna spend a whole day there.lovely pics by the wya

  2. I'm not big on museums but I spent more than half a day at the Louvre. Loved it. We purchased tickets at Virgin Records and also used the secret entrance that got us in within minutes.Lovely photos!Beth Whitman

  3. I was going to guess the Mona Lisa was in the most crowded room as well :)By the time we went to the D'Orsay, the Picasso, the Monet Marmottan and the Rodin museums…and the Pere Lachaise…we never made it to the Louvre. One of these days I'd like to get back and visit the Louvre.I love how you captured the motion in several photos. It gives you a real sense of the crowds milling around.

  4. Sorry…pushed the wrong button and uploaded that last comment as Anon. That's what I get for watching hockey game and commenting at the same time. Go Wings!

  5. @NikYup… 4th from the top… in that crazy (photo-snapping) sea of humanity. I first saw the Monna Lisa in December of 2006 and the Louvre was not at all crowded. I stood and gazed at her gazing for a long time. (In fact, I kept dragging DP back to her.) Maybe it's the fact that we are both Monnas (although, in her case, Monna means Lady)! On this visit, I could hardly stand to be in this room. That's a shame, I think!@Nomadic MattYou must go… and a full day would be lovely. My favourite section is the Italian Renaissance art.@CaitlinExactly… the most crowded. She is beautiful, though! (Thanks for playing!)@The Q FamilyThanks for the lovely compliment. The tip is a goodie… I promise it will save you a lot of time!@WanderlusterI think that even if the Louvre contained no art at all, it would still be worth a visit. I love how majestic the buildings and courtyard spaces are! If I remember correctly, the Virgin Records store is also in the mall where the secret entrance is located. Cool!@LorraineIt's true… it did feel peaceful. What a great way to say it… we returned home with our own gallery of art. Lovely. @Heather (on her travels)Fortunately, I had been warned about how teensey-tiny the Monna Lisa was… so when I finally saw her four years ago, I felt no disappointment.Like you, I enjoyed the Musee D'Orsay and I absolutely loved the L'Orangerie at the other end of the Tuileries. It is one of my favourite museums!@MarinaYour comment made me laugh right out loud!@Anonymous/DominiqueYou'll go to the Louvre some day! I was just reading about the Pere Lachaise but have never been. I agree that the motion gives one a sense of the movement of people around the art. I sat in front of one painting and took about 50 photos of the different configuations of people gathered in front of it… and arriving and leaving. That was fun!

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