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Truthfully, I rarely allow myself a cup of coffee. It makes me jumpy and a little nuts. The problem is that I love (LOVE!) the taste. When DPs parents were here last week, I took the leap and had coffee with his mom at breakfast. A large cup of coffee with milk and two cubes of sugar. It was lovely.


what is everyday lovely?
Today I am launching a new weekly feature at Teacher Meets World… one that will allow us to explore the beauty and complexity of every day life. If you are a regular reader at TMW, you already know about my love of travel and photography. These travels, and interactions with new cultures, will continue to be at the centre of my little blog which, at the end of July, will be making the move with us to Bangkok, Thailand.

Here’s the thing. Most of the time, DP and I are not preparing to fly off to some lovely European city. Most of the time we share a little (some might say tiny) apartment in Barcelona with laundry hanging on a rack in the dining room and mismatched dishes piling up beside the sink. It’s not glamorous life (by a long stretch!) but I believe there is something quite beautiful about our routines… and the way we live our every day lives.

in creating this little project, i’ve been inspired by:
3191 Miles Apart
Shining Egg
Noticing Project 2009
*Today is Pretty
I’m filled with gratitude for the everyday loveliness these bloggers share with us through their blogs. Their photographs are extraordinary but what’s more significant to me is the weight their photos and words lend to the realm of the everyday. Their posts encourage readers to consider our routines and habits… and to appreciate the small moments that make up a life.

how it works:
On Tuesdays, I will post a photo and a few words about some small moment from my life over the past week. If you’ve participated in a meme such as Photo Friday at Delicious Baby, you’ll be familiar with the procedure. For first timers, this is how it works:
1. Write your own Everyday Lovely post
2. Pop over to Teacher Meets World
3. In the wee boxes provided below record the following:
a) your name/blog name (or both… it’s totally up to you!
b) your URL. (Please note that you should record the URL for that specific post. For example, the URL for this post is:
c) Hit enter
4. Voila… your post becomes part of Everyday Lovely and we can then visit each others’ posts.

Let’s see what happens! Have a lovely (every) day.

If you are reading this post in a feed reader or via email, please click through to my blog to view all of the photo links for this week.

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