Guess which city…

Friday May 1st was Labour Day in Spain so we had what is called a puente (which means bridge) or long weekend. Yippee!

DP’s parents are visiting from Canada so we four intrepid Canucks hopped on a plane for a weekend getaway.

Can you identify, from this photo, our travel destination? Leave your guesses in the comments section!

Update: Congratulations to Mara from Mother of all Trips who identified this fair city as Paris. I took this photograph outside the famous Shakespeare and Company book store in the Latin Quarter near Notre Dame.


  1. @Mara from Mother of All TripsYup… Shakespeare and Company. As I posted this, I had this picture of you in my mind… and you were saying "I know… I know!" I actually said to DP, "Watch this… Mara will be the first person to respond." Cool, eh?@HeatherYou were right on your first guess 🙂 (Ha… I tricked you with the English!) And the folks out front were probably all tourists!

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