Letters from Santorini (5)

This post is part five of an online letter from the blogger to her little sister.

Dear Littlest,

She pushed her way in between DP and me and onto the little perch that we had found to watch the sunset at the very end of the village of Oia… at the very end of the island of Santorini. When you, your-lovely-self, have an opportunity to witness the mad rush for the perfect sunset-watching spot, you will know that finding this sweet little whitewashed perch was no small breakthrough. If we had been on the moon, we would have stuck a Canadian flag into the lunar surface to mark our discovery. Oh Canada!

I laughed quietly at the brashness of our tiny sunset party-crasher and then joined CJ on her stone bench. I indicated to DP that he should move away from our little club’s newest member but he had no idea what I meant so I gestured ever-so-crazily that he should move down the steps. Immediately.

She was pushy – it was true – but she was also exquisite and she’d walked right into my photo. Her black and white skirt filled up with wind as her red scarf tried desperately to escape. Click.

She was as lovely as the sunset.

Take care.


P.S. Check out Photo Friday at Deb Dubrow’s blog Delicious Baby.


  1. @Travel FreakThanks! I'm really proud of this shot.@Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish Thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoyed the series.@KristineSo pretty!@CarolinaThat's a great way to put it. Thanks. It was a bit frustrating at first… but it turned out to be quite a lovely moment.@MaraI loved the golden light on people's faces as they watched the sun dropping down over the sea. That was my favourite part!@Lorraine. What a lovely compliment. My partner DP likes this shot a lot too… he thinks that we should have it developed. @CJThere she is. How much would you give to go back to Oia right now?@JenEnjoy Santorini when you go. I really loved the town of Oia because it was both small and comfortable. I recommend it!@DominiqueYour comment about the contrast is exactly right! Thanks!

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