Letters from Santorini (3)

This post is part three of an online letter from the blogger to her little sister.

Dear Littlest,
On our first night in Santorini, as our lovely cave-owner was leading us through Oia on the way to our little Cave Sweet Cave, she pointed towards a restaurant called Thalami and recommended it, “Not fancy, not expensive” she said. It had started to rain and the restaurant was close by (right near the top of our 122 steps) and DP and CJ got salads and souvlaki to go. “Yum,” we said in unison. But that was just the beginning of our love affair with this sweet little spot on the main street of Oia. It turned out that the food was even better warm and consumed inside the restaurant where the owner brought us little glasses of a sweet dessert wine called Vin Santo.

Then, on Wednesday, the clouds parted and the sun shone on Santorini and CJ and I ate lunch on the terrace of our already favourite restaurant. Tomato salad and zucchini fritters. I think the restaurant owner began to fall in love with us because he brought us plates of Greek yoghurt with red grapes for dessert.

On Thursday, the three of us met on the terrace and ordered only appetizers for lunch. We shared tsatziki, saganaki, tomato salad, zucchini fritters and baked feta. We watched a cruise ship as big as a planet slip by. Then the afternoon slipped by. More yoghurt and grapes arrived at our table.

Friday was the last day on the island for DP and me. We ate our last meal at Thalami. We met on the terrace at 2:00 p.m. The day was perfect. The tomatoes were perfect. When we left, DP and I said good-bye to the restaurant owner and his cousin. I had tears in my eyes. Oh… that tsatziki!

Shortly after we returned home to Barcelona, I found a cool Greek cooking blog called Souvlaki for the Soul. Just as soon as we have time, DP and I are going to make the saganaki (Greek pan-fried cheese). Maybe we’ll make it for you.


Oia, 847 02 Santorini, Greece
Phone: +30 22860 71009
Fax: +30 22860 71554

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  1. All that food brings back memories – tha tsatziki, the souvlaki, the full English Breakfast. I write about some of the food we found in a country Taverna herehttp://www.heatheronhertravels.com/how-to-find-a-real-greek-taverna-on-zakynthos/

  2. @Dim Sum, Bagels, and CrawfishI hope I answered all of your questions about the Santorini cave-dwelling later in this series. You didn't misunderstand… they really are caves!@WanderlusterAhhh… the food was amzing. If this is possible, the food was even better than our meals in Florence! Yup… that good!@Marina VillatoroThe letters feel like a lovely narrative way to share observations from my travels… and stories about food :-)@DominiqueIt's true. I was very sad to leave.@CJI am so glad that you were able to join us… especially given the tragic Euro/Canadian Dollar exchange rate. Let's go again someday!@Heather on Her TravelsThe tsatziki. I could write a love poem to the tsatziki. Thanks for the link to your site.

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