It’s true… I’ve been away.

I’ve spent fourteen nights in nine different cities in England and in Greece… including five nights in a cave. (Don’t feel bad for us, though… it was a wonderful cave in Santorini overlooking the Aegean sea.)

We spent the last night of our travels waiting in airport lounges for two delayed flights… first in Santorini and then in Athens. When we finally arrived in Barcelona at 6:20 this morning, the early-morning skies of our normally fair city were a threatening shade of slate grey. As we pulled our bags out of the taxi and began the short walk up our tiny one-way street, the skies opened all the way up, dumping two weeks worth of rain on us. We crawled into bed and slept like stones.

I love to travel. It is equally true that I crave the familiarity of home sweet home… wherever we are calling home right now.

DP and I have chosen – and are grateful for – this somewhat nomadic ex-pat life but there are times when we want nothing more than a homemade grilled cheese sandwich followed by eight hours of sleep in our own (firm) bed. This is one of those days. We’re making the transition between the exciting land called away and the comfort of being home.

Laundry. Running the dishwasher. Returning e-mails. Napping. Watching the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Logging couch-time. Blogging.

Photos and stories of Santorini adventures to follow.

Enjoy the weekend… Happy Easter.


  1. Where did you go in England? I'd have given you the guided tour of Bristol. Was the Santorini trip the one you were taking with friends that you were looking for recommendations for where to go in Greece – lov eto hear how it worked out.

  2. @MaraThanks! It's so good to be home.@HeatherWe toured all over the south of England. I was in Bristol for only 3.5 hours and none of it was on my own… I know that you would have given me a great tour.Yup… this Greece trip was the one for which I solicited information in the fall. Wow! Santorini was gorgeous!@LaurieI hope your Easter was lovely as well!@Nomadic MattNo kidding, right? Grilled cheese… yum!

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