Trip Photo Party

We try to be mindful of just how fortunate we are. Living in Barcelona has provided us with many opportunities for travel within Europe but our most recent travel experience unfolded right in our own living room.

On Friday night we invited four friends to join us at our piso (apartment). In addition to cava and the most amazing chocolate cake I have had in a long time, our guests brought their vacation photographs on pen drives… and from their facebook albums… and their Kodak galleries. In the span of just three hours, we visited nine countries on five continents: Colombia; San Francisco, USA; Vietnam; Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; Krakow and Warsaw in Poland; Manchester, U.K.; Ottawa, Canada; Sardinia and Florence, Italy.

Using a lap top and an LCD projector, we projected the images onto a big white wall. We converted the living room into a little home theatre by simply turning one of our couches around to face the wall. We then took turns showing… and telling.

Thanks to our friends Jay and Jenny for this great and easy party idea. You can definitely try this one at home!


  1. I remember when you all did that once in Monterrey. It's a great idea. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I just bought a ticket to S. Africa for 3 weeks in June, so maybe I should host just such a party when I return! (I'm trying to justify a new camera before I go….we'll see….)

  2. that sounds great!actually, that sounds like the kind of think most people think of as a nightmare – an evening sitting around looking at other people's holiday snaps. But it is totally the kind of thing I think sounds fantastic!!

  3. @Nomadic MattWhen you are in Barcelona in August, I will have moved to Bangkok. How's that for irony?@Heather D.How cool that you are going to South Africa. Have a fantastic trip! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos (taken with your new camera) on 14 Lenses.@kristineDoes the travel photo party sound like a nightmare to some people? I must be too far gone to have noticed 🙂

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