The Gift of Photography

I will be (somewhat magically) one year older on Sunday. In Spain, to celebrate ones birthday, we share something with the people in our lives and that something is normally a tasty consumable item such as a box of cookies or chocolates. (“Sweeties” as some of our students call them.) I like the idea of feeling grateful for my life and sharing that gratitude with others. It’s a cool custom that I’ll be taking with me to South East Asia!

But what can I share with the people I’ve met in bloglandia? There have been some lovely comments, of late, about the photography I’ve been sharing. After a little reflection, I realized that I could do better than simply posting a photo (as sweet as this little one photographed in Siena is)… I can share the secret of the polaroids that I have been posting on my blog.

I may have let slip, at some point, my love of photography (or perhaps you’ve just guessed it) and I am particularly wild about polaroids. I love the shape of them and the gorgeous muted colours and the way they evoke the past. While reading a blog post on Google Reader a couple of months ago, I came across a link to a free software program called Poladroid that you can download from the Internet… and I’m going to tell you how!

Instructions from a non-tech native:
1. Download the program (link below). It’s so easy… just follow the instructions on the site.
2. Open the poladroid program.
3. Drag a photo onto the little blue camera which will then spit a polaroid out onto your desktop. (I drag my photos directly from i-photo.)
4. Wait just two minutes (approximately the same amount of time it takes an actual polaroid to develop) and your poladroid will be ready. Ta dum! The image on your desk top will have a little red check mark… that is because this is just a copy.
5. In order to locate the actual poladroid (the large version of it rather than the little copy on your desktop), go into your hard drive and go to your pictures file where you will find your poladroids waiting. (Honestly, I say poladroidS -plural- because I never make just one.) Finally, I then drag the new poladroid into i-photo.

Here’s the link! Enjoy… and happy birthday to me!

Check out Photo Friday at Delicious Baby! Thanks to Deb Dubrow for hosting!


  1. Happy happy birthday to you! Thanks for sharing…that is very cool. I have bookmarked this and will have to try it out when I get home!

  2. @LaurieIt is so cool!@MaraEnjoy poladroid. Thanks for the lovely birthday wish.@Kristen GillI feel happy to share!@Jessie VThanks for your comment… and for stumbling this post. That was lovely of you.@Angela K. NickersonGrazie Mille!… I knew you'd be in LOVE with it if you tried it!@DominiqueThanks! It's a very cool effect.@JenLet me know how you like Poladroid once you've tried it.@WendyThank you for your thoughtful birthday wish.

  3. Ms McD! This is the most amazing program! I was very disappointed when I found that iPhoto didn't have a polaroid frame – this is absolutely perfect. I shall spend all weekend making polaroids.I hope you had a fantastic cumpleaños!

  4. Love your blog!Thank you so much for the polaroid application.I continue to travel all over this beautiful world and your blog is really inspiring me this morning.Who knows, maybe I'll be in Spain soon.Ciao et Merci!Felicia, This Time Now

  5. @HeatherYour photo from day 72 is gorgeous. I have a flickr account but I don't use it much as I'm concerned about spending too much time plugged in (TMW, 14 Lenses, TONS of blogs on Google Reader). I know you know… and I will check out now that I am back from vacation!@HeatherThanks… it was very low key. I think I am going to throw myself a party! Seriously!@AnnaHi dear one. I hope you had a lovely weekend making poladroids. Thanks for your sweet birthday wishes.@Felicia @ This Time NowThanks for your lovely comment. I love this little blog space. Enjoy your travels and the poladroid fun!

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