While you were away: Tuscany Part 5

Dear DP,

The photo never totally captures it. The exact green of the fields… or the sparkle of the Arno… and definitely not the food.

Here are a couple of gastronomical treats for you…

A caprese salad with fresh mozzarella di bufala…

A piece of panna cotta cheese cake… Imagine that combination!

And, at the end of the meal, a cup of caffe latte…

I know that you can imagine it.



  1. Caprese salad – so good. Cheesecake – wow. That latte is impressive. I would say that is one of the best meals I have ever seen.I miss good coffee – here in North Carolina, I habitually purchase $2.60 lattes at 1 a.m. that do not look nearly as good as that. In fact, I can't even fathom the reason for why they're both called lattes.Not much mozzarella (which I love) in the cafeteria either. Or cheesecake, for that matter.It sounds like your adventures around Europe are going very well : )

  2. @AnnaIt's so great to hear from you. Aside from the cafeteria food, I know that you are thriving in North Carolina. I am so (totally) proud of you!

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