While you were away: Tuscany Part 2

Dear DP,

The Arno River was as lovely as we left her although the water level was not nearly as high as when we last visited Florence in December. Two young boys rowed past; we stood on the bank and watched them glide. A flock of seagulls soared above us and then dove… the birds scattered and regrouped like ballet. The Ponte Vecchio swayed under the weight of the tourists and the posh gold shops that replaced the fish stalls during the reign of the Medicis.

The sun let the day slip gently away. Mom and I wandered along the narrow streets and managed to find our way to Trattoria Nella where we ate panna cotta for dinner. I mean dessert. I told mom about the woman we saw licking her dessert plate after finishing her panna cotta at Trattoria Nella. It’s still that good!

Here are some river memories for you… Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.


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