While you were away: Tuscany Part 1

Dear DP,

I missed you in Florence. Florence, herself, missed you… I could tell that she did because she seemed a little melancholy… and yes, I am certain that Florence is a woman!

While we are apart this week (you in England and me here in Barcelona), I thought I’d post a Tuscan moment (or more) each day… and share the loveliness that mom and I encountered while we were in Italy. (It will be a best of iphoto experience!)

As we walked along the Arno River in the buttery-golden sunlight of the late afternoon, I witnessed a few exquisite moments that begged to be captured. Florence asked me to do it… I will send my best river shots along tomorrow.

On Saturday, I actually took some interesting photographs from the tour van in Tuscany. Do you remember, on our first day in Sardinia, I said I would never be able to take a decent photograph from a moving vehicle. (Such a drama queen!) I am unsure if I was not trying hard enough in Sardinia… or if I was actually trying a little too hard. This time, however, I was way more Zen about it.

I thought you’d like this one that I took out the front of our little tour bus. It’s cinematic, I think, and I cropped it in HD format. If I were a film maker, I would make all of my movies in Tuscany.

Maybe you would too!



  1. Monna, I know this series of posts (which I just read in reverse chronological order) are not intended for me, but they feel as if they are. The way you captured Tuscany in pictures and words took my breath away. I especially love that you say Florence must be a woman. I think you are right. A decaying beauty.Thank you, as always, for sharing.

  2. @MaraAlthough I addressed the blog posts to DP, they were definitely intended for you and other TMW readers. Thanks for your kind words about this little series. I loved creating it.

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