11 Reasons to Visit Sardinia

DP and I didn’t actually discover Sardinia… we did not hike up a mountain and stick a flag in the soil, claiming the land for Canada. But our European travels have never taken us to a place more varied in its landscapes or as untouched as Sardinia. Last week, for our February break, we flew into Cagliari and rented a car (a BMW, no less) which enabled us to explore the island at our own pace. Along the way, we found white sand beaches, salt flats and flamingos, rugged hills, breath-taking views of the Mediterranean from steep and twisting roads, and fields of golden grass. Most important of all, for two exhausted school teachers, we found quiet and clean air and tranquility.

This post is part of Deb Dubrow’s lovely carnival Photo Friday at her blog Delicious Baby. Pop over and take a look!

Where do you go when you need to get away from it all?


  1. These shots of sardinia are really appealing… and have a very old-fashioned feel…how did you get this effect?? To get away from it all I can fortunately stay in mexico… the beach, or a tiny pueblo like Tepoztlan, a colonial tonw like San Miguel… the list goes on!!

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