Simple Things

Yesterday was a lovely day filled with simple things.

The high school student council sold these flowers for Valentines Day. I received one gorgeous flower from DP and another from a senior in thanks for my help with her college applications.

Sunlight streamed through my window. The day whispered, “Spring is coming…”

A professor from a Barcelona business school came to speak to some of our students. He said that never again will a generation be able to assume that they will do better financially than their parents. That particular dream is over. He told the students it was time for a different dream, one that is smaller and more innovative and possibly more fun.

It’s time for simpler things.

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  1. There was a hint of spring in the air in British Columbia this week. It may be a simple thing, but I think every one is smiling a little more because of it. Beautiful as always.

  2. @HellyBelieve in spring and it will come! My mom is here from Ottawa right now and she definitely prefers February in Barcelona!@Angela K. NickersonThey were beautiful and, like you, I'm not very conventional about flowers so I was also delighted with the daisies. I hope your Valentines Day was lovely.@Delicious BabyWith regards to the financial crisis, it is definitely time for us to re-evaluate. I'd be happy to make do with less if others living in poverty could have more than they do now… not exactly the American dream but perhaps it should be.@Jessie VI'm so happy that this shot makes you happy!@DominiqueI loved what you wrote about a single flower as a heartfelt gift. Thanks for that!

  3. I think it's strange that the Barcelona professor shoud have said that – maybe it's something about the culture where a steady job for life with a big pension was the dream for the parent's generation. But I see a future of possibilities which is so exciting with broader horizons for those kids, with the internet as it's gateway. Maybe that's what he should be telling them.

  4. @Heather on her travelsI think it's interesting that people are commenting on this! The professor's message was not a pessimistic one at all… in fact, I think he would absolutely tell kids that the internet was going to be a big part of their future. I actually found it refreshing that an economist spoke so frankly with teenagers about the dangers of spending more than they make… and about starting small with a vision for a business about which they are passionate.

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