Edition 8: Zen Blogging – 5 Benefits to Getting Started

As committed as I am to slowing down, and spending my time engaged in more meaningful activities online and in real life, my Google Reader still includes 73 blogs that I read on a regular basis. One that I read faithfully is Write to Done. The most recent post of Write to Done, Zen Blogging – 5 Ways to Get Started, caught my attention and made me think of all of you. It was as if the guest blogger, Glen Allsopp, was singing my song. Like he was singing OUR entire playlist here at Slow Blogs.

Glen Allsopp is 19 years old. He dropped out of college and then made what he calls “the scariest decision of (his) life” when he moved to Africa last year. This post tells the story of how he began blogging in the first place, why he stopped blogging (it’s a familiar story) and his Zen-path back to the blogosphere.

If you like what Glen has to say, and how he says it, visit his blog Plugin ID where he writes about personal development.

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