The world goes round and round

A few days ago, I wrote about some of the factors to consider when making the decision to stay or to move on from an international teaching post.

After three years, we have decided to leave Barcelona.

In the fall, a dear friend contacted us about a College Counseling job that had become available at his (amazing) school. I interviewed for the job and was hired for the 2009/2010 school year.

DP and I are moving to Bangkok, Thailand in late July.

I will miss the Spanish plazas and the royal palaces and the Tuscan sun.

But Thailand awaits…

This post is part of Photo Friday. Click here to see more photos taken around this spinning world of ours.


  1. Congratulations to you both! That is very exciting. Asia is magical. You can't take a bad photo there. I've been following some of the international recruiting process on another blog and I have to say that it is make me stir crazy! Enjoy the post-decision bliss.

  2. The sense of movement in this shot goes nicely with the sense of movement as you get ready to go to your new home. Best of luck, and look forward to hearing more about it.

  3. Thanks for your kind wishes, all!@Heather D.I love that you said that it's not possible to take a bad photo in Asia. Maybe it's not possible for you! Perhaps you'll come and visit us! We'll call it "14 Lenses in South East Asia".@Heather on her travelsThanks, Heather! It is definitely going to be a change of pace and of scenery!@WandermomMe too… I can hardly wait! Although I have to make an effort to slow myself down and remember to savour all of these moments too. Europe has been good to me over these past three years.@JenThanks! It's an adventure with a shipping allowance too!@Delicious BabyJust after I accepted the job, the protests at the Bangkok airport began and people (or people) kept exclaiming, "Oh! Do you think that's a safe place to move?" Of course, we think it's safe enough… and it's great to hear someone else say they'd move to BKK.@DominqueThanks for noticing the movement in the shot. Here we go…@WendyAs always, you are a kind one! I always learn more about photography from reading your blog.@Mara…And I will continue to read about your adventures with your husband and adorable kids at "Mother of All Trips"!

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