Sister of the Bride

It was minus 33 degrees the evening my littlest sister got married. She had chosen a beautiful strapless gown and my mother offered up her mother’s fur coat for protection against the night cold. Littlest was touched by the gesture and slipped into our grandmother’s gorgeous jacket; it was the first time it had been worn in twenty years.

Princess Sofia, my five-year old niece (she would say “almost six!”), proudly led the bridal procession… throwing rose petals with wild abandon. The Bride, accompanied by and our parents, followed the tiny purple princess and the lovely maid of honour down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon. When the party reached the place where the Groom was waiting, both of my parents gave their littlest daughter away.

Two of my best women friends sat with my family during the ceremony. I was so happy that they were there to witness the vowing and crying and kissing and signing. Then, of course, there was dancing. The Bride and Groom started us off with a Norah Jones song.

In this photo, Sophie and a friend watch the newly married couple dance their first dance. Who taught the little girls that this was a big moment? Nonetheless, they knew.

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