Bicycle Dreams, Florence

My mom and I are traveling to Florence at the end of February. It’s going to be my last visit for a while and I feel a sense of sadness about it because Florence and I have developed a relationship. This is a city I have come to know and love. One of the loveliest things about my affair with Florence is that the city took its time wooing me. There was no rush and no pressure… just beautiful golden sunsets, surreal jumble-bridges spanning the Arno and roasted potatoes from heaven. In Florence, I have taken some of my best photographs; the city has let her guard down, allowed me to capture the essence of her.

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What places do you miss? Why?


  1. Wonderful. Understandable. Florence is high up on my wish list to go. So special. I thought that this year would be the year when I was going there, but it will be France instead, because of an upcoming blogfriends meeting. not bad that either 🙂

  2. Ah Florence, what is not to love? It is especially nice off season too. I don't think I would like it as much with the summer over masses and wall to wall people. We save it for late fall when all the people have gone. 😉 A friend of mine who loves Florence, moved nearby for a year. You could always do that! 🙂

  3. Florence is such a lovely city. We haven't spent as much time there as we have in Rome and other parts of Italy (in part because of the crowds in the summer), and I hope we'll be able to spend at least a few weeks at some point.

  4. Beautiful, moody photo. Thanks for sharing.I hope we'll get back to Europe one of these days…until then, I'll just vicariously enjoy places like Florence through the beautiful photos I find here.

  5. @Angela K. NickersonI really enjoyed Rome but it's Florence to which I keep returning.@LifecruiserFrance is not bad, indeed. Enjoy your blogfriends meeting!@Soultravelers3We have actually never been to Florence in the summer. I love visiting the city off-season when it's cool and relatively empty. We can pretend we live there.@Delicious BabyGood luck getting to Florence for a longer stay. I have two words for you. Buffalo Mozzarella. @DominiqueThanks for your lovely comment.

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