My youngest sister Megan was sound asleep when I snuck into her bedroom on Sunday morning.

Megan is getting married this Saturday, January 24th, but when she first invited me to the wedding I didn’t think that I would be able to get a week off work so soon after Christmas in order to travel from Barcelona to Ottawa. I sent my regrets… and was then filled with regrets. Only my mother knew that I had changed my plans and she was able to keep my arrival a secret from my sisters and my father. (Sneaky, sneaky mom!)

Megan loves her sleep. She didn’t respond to my nudges. “Megan, it’s Monna!”
“That’s not right.” she whispered.

Pictured above is the dress of my niece, the lovely Princess Sofia. She is the flower girl and becoming more of a princess by the minute!


  1. @Sarah LoringI will give them your love. It was wonderful to be home for that one delightfully crazy week. Littlest and her husband (wow… that sounds a bit strange) are in Cuba on their honeymoon. Now it's my turn to feel envious about her travels.

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