A Photo is Worth a Thousand Dolls

It was cold on our last morning in Vienna as we headed to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. We had just turned the corner from our pension when I spotted the fantastic dolls displayed in this store window. DP was halfway down the block when he realized that I was no longer with him. Uh oh!

Europe is brimming with beautiful, magical things and I’ll confess to wanting to take them home! The good news is that living (in a tiny apartment) in Barcelona over the last three years has helped me learn how to live lighter in order to save more money to travel. I’ve been learning to say, “That’s beautiful but I don’t need that.” Later that day, when I dragged DP into the store, I practiced this mantra. (DP was so proud.)

Often a photo is just as good as owning another beautiful thing that will end up in our storage area.

Try it yourself. “That’s beautiful but I just don’t need it.” Isn’t that great?


  1. @HeatherHi there. I like your comment (and post) about buying a little something like Christmas decorations or small gifts.In Vienna, I bought a silver elephant brooch that I saw in a store window. It has little to do with Vienna but it is beautiful and I will always remember how much I liked Vienna when I wear it. Because we were traveling for two weeks in such cold climates, there was no room for big purchases so my tiny elephant brooch was a perfect choice. DP also bought me a beautiful hand-painted wooden Santa in Budapest which we managed to squeeze into our luggage as well.

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