Palace Moments, Vienna

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m enamoured of palaces. It’s hard to understand how a girl from rural Ontario came to love the mirrored hall opulence… the floral tapestry decadence… the let them eat cakeness that got Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette into so much trouble. Who can explain why a person falls in love?

My tour of Europe’s grandest homes began with the Royal Palace in Madrid and the Summer Palace near Segovia, Spain. (Take a peek here and here). Then I dragged DP to Versailles outside Paris. During our Christmas vacation, we completed our triumvirate of European palaces when we visited Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace.

The Spanish, the French, the Austrians… Who has the best palaces, you ask? I loved them all… and if I have a favourite, I’m not talking.

This was one of my favourite palace moments, though. We spotted this mom and her kids spinning around on a little patch of ice in the gardens of the Schonbrunn in Vienna.

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