Edition 7: Habit

Happy New Year! Thanks, everyone, for your great slow blog nominations. You’ll be reading more about these blogs over the next few weeks!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. This goes for blogs too.

I want to introduce you to a brand new blog called Habit, the visual playground of Emily and Molly. Each day, the women publish photographs of moments from their lives along with a line or two about their day. Habit celebrates the everyday.

From their blog:
We’ll be inviting friends to join us here. In some small way, we are hoping to capture the collective life of a community of women who are artists and writers, photographers and bloggers, mothers and sisters and daughters and granddaughters, and thinkers and seers and wonderers.

We believe that there will be something extraordinary about holding these pieces of life together in one place.

The habits from January 7th have been my favourite so far. There are images of fresh snow and footprints, a beautiful black and white tabby, a piano in the fuzzy golden background, and a Christmas tree. Sarah writes, “Words are hard to find today. A difficult morning followed by errands. Now pausing to look back at my footsteps in the crystalline snow.” Molly writes, “Tonight I hugged six for the last time, because tomorrow she’ll be seven.”

Visit the women here. Make it a habit!

Emily also blogs over at Shining Egg and Molly blogs at Mommy Coddle.


  1. I have been enjoying habit as well, and the Jan. 7th post effected me enough that I posted the link on Facebook to share with my friends. In addition to lovely photography, it's a wonderful daily reminder to be in the moment and savour the life you have.

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