Cafe Life, Vienna

It was a cold night in Vienna. DP and I were looking for a warm place to pass a couple of hours when we stumbled into the golden glow of Cafe Tirolerhof near the Opera House. I ordered a cafe latte and sacher torte (a cake invented in Vienna in 1832) from the loveliest waiter we have encountered in Europe. DP gave me some photography lessons… less light, longer exposure for a blurry (lovely) waiter. If there’s a heaven, it’s just like Cafe Tirolerhof.

Cafe Tirolerhof
Address: Fürichgasse 8, Vienna
Phone (outside of Vienna): 011 43 512-7833

This post is part of Photo Friday hosted by Deb Dubrow at Delicious Baby.


  1. Loved this photo. This post made me want to find my own warm cafe to while away a couple of pleasant hours lingering over tea and cake.Much as I appreciate the convenience of digital cameras and don't miss the storage problems I had with piles and piles of photo prints, I do miss the ease of manipulating my old film camera to get effects like this. We've experimented with the digital cameras and the settings with waterfall photos to turn out water as silken streams by using different settings. But it still seems so much easier with the digital camera to be lazy and use the auto settings exclusively.I'm hoping with Tim's renewed interest in his own photography, we'll go out shooting more and I'll get more comfortable with the newer cameras.

  2. OK, you guys are inspiring me to try to do more than just point-and-shoot. Maybe I'll try reading the camera manual this weekend to actually learn what some of the fancier options do!Love the photo. And I loved Vienna – although I was last there 15 years ago!!!

  3. OK, 3rd time trying to leave a comment. Hopefully, this time it will work. 😉 Fun photo! We loved Vienna and spent almost a month there last autumn before it got cold. Thanks for the memories! I hope you are seeing some amazing musical performances there..that was our fave part.

  4. @HeatherHere's to the photography-road less taken.@DominiqueThe various members of Deb Dubrow's Friday Photo community of bloggers are becoming better photographers together which is very cool! Good luck with the manual controls on the new cameras.@wandermomI was just thinking that Vienna has probably changed a lot less in the past 15 years than many other cities. It felt sort of timeless to me.@MegVienna was fantastic… and cold (really cold)… and we were only there for 2 days which isn't nearly long enough. This cafe was my favourite thing. We also saw the film "Australia" at a little English language rep theatre. Great city!@SoultravelersThanks for sharing your memories of a whole month spent in Vienna. Our stop there was a spur of the moment decision so we did not attend any concerts although we did stay just one block from the gorgeous Opera.@CarolinaThanks for your lovely comments about my photography. I upgraded to a Canon Power Shot a year ago and I am happy with some of the photographs I am taking.@JenThat's a great image… eating ones weight in sacher torte. There are worse things!@PeaceHow lovely that you went to Vienna with your mom.@Heather DHi there. No one has ever tagged me with a meme before. Seven things you don't know about me. Hmmm…

  5. I am just learning to play with my exposures and settings too, I love your effect here! And although it is only 9.30 am, I am also in need of some sacher torte now 🙂

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