New Year’s Eve in Blue, Krakow

There is a New Year’s Eve concert in Krakow’s main market square that is (quite literally) rocking the house. I took this shot at six o’clock this evening as people began to gather for the party.

Happy New Year! I’d love to hear what you were doing at midnight.


  1. watching fireworks from my balcony exploding in the black velvet sky over the golden Angel Monument here in Mexico City…quite spectacular and magical in a low key kind of way…

  2. @CatherineI really like spectacular and magical in a low-key way! I remember fireworks in Mexico well. Beautiful, unpredictable and a little low on safety precautions :-)@MaraI was out on the old town in Krakow earlier in the evening but by midnight, I was tucked up all snug with my slippers under my bed.

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