Christmas in Budapest

It’s Christmas Eve and DP and I are in Budapest, Hungary. This afternoon, while walking to the metro station (Budapest has the steepest metro escalators I have ever seen), I confessed to DP that I had not felt Christmassy at all this year, not even for one moment. We were headed for Castle Hill on the Buda side of the Danube and it seems that the universe heard my sad lament. It delivered, in succession, a gift from a stranger, a quiet hour in the lovely Matthius Church and a few fluttering flakes of snow.

A few nights ago, I tried to remember where we had been for Christmas and New Year’s Eve for the last five years. The list brings back so many extraordinary memories.

Christmas: Budapest, Hungary
New Year’s Eve: Krakow, Poland

Christmas : Rome, Italy
New Year’s Eve: Florence, Italy

Christmas: Florence and Siena, Italy
New Year’s Eve: Barcelona, Spain

Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Paris, France

Christmas: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
New Year’s Eve: Monterrey, Mexico

There’s not much under our tree this year (in fact, there’s not even a tree) but we feel blessed to visit more of the world this Christmas. From Budapest, we are going to Vienna, Austria and then on to Krakow and Warsaw, Poland.

Wherever you are this Christmas, I hope there are people and experiences for which you feel grateful.

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