Piazza Fragments, Siena

This girl was walking out of the picture but I caught just the tiniest bit of her.

Sometimes it feels as though all the best light falls on Italy. I have written about the powers of Italian light before.

On this December afternoon the sun drizzled down on the piazza in Siena like filaments of spun gold. I don’t remember noticing how beautiful the light was when I was a kid because I was probably too busy being in the light. Feeling the sun on my face. As an adult, the challenge is the balance… to notice the beauty and to continue to BE in the light.

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  1. @DominiqueExactly… which is how this little experiment ended up in my blog. Having just sat in this piazza for two hours, I can tell you that it's more like what was not going on in the plaza. The afternoon had everything… friendship, love (and, as always, the end of love), envy, mischief (little boys kicking well-fed pigeons), boredom and anticipation. It was like watching a well-written play!@JennIt is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Thanks for the compliment on the banner! Our not-so-dirty little secret about the banner is that it is not one photograph… but three. My lovely guy is a master with Photoshop and he created this banner by stitching those three shots together.

  2. @Nomadic MattHi there! It's college application season so I don't spend as much time online. I can't imagine that you would be jealous of anyone's travels!@MaraYou said it so perfectly. The light does have substance and flavour! Your observation that "You could eat it with a spoon" is one of my all-time favourite TMW comments! Thanks!

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