The sun always shines on Siena

We first visited Siena in Tuscany on Christmas Day, 2006. DP and I took the train from Florence and I fell in love with the piazza in spite of my slight crankiness about being unprepared for the cold… and my slight blueness about being so far away from my family on Christmas. Take a look at this amazing piazza…

Two weekends ago, DP and I returned to Siena, the gorgeous, with three students from our school. We rented a tiny car that we managed to dent before we even got out of Florence (that’s another story for another blog post) but the centre of this ancient city was as glorious and golden as I remembered. As the kids ran up the tower, DP and I threw ourselves down on the sun-warmed terra cotta. We ate pizza topped with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes and watched closely as Italian families savoured their beautiful Sunday afternoon.

What places do you love most?


  1. This Piazza is my most favorite in Italy.In terms of places I love the most there are so many but this is what comes to mind at the moment:-Hong Kong has been on my mind.-India, my husband is from there.-The Pacific Coast Highway on the west coast of the U.S. north of Santa Barbara all the way up through Oregon.-The colonial heartland of Mexico -Anywhere I've been in sub Saharan Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia)and in North Africa Morocco. -Shanghai-Tokyo-KathmanduI could return many times to each

  2. @HeidiThanks for the compliment about my photographs. I think that living in Europe has made me a better photographer… or maybe it's just that I have had SO much practice.I will miss it when we leave.@WendySee, I like a woman with a long list of favourite places. Colonial Mexico, as you know, will always be one of my favourite spots in the world. Sigh… my list keeps getting longer and longer. Thanks for your response!

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