Signs of the Holidays

Sometimes things go wrong. Your computer dies when you are as flat-broke as you have been since university. Stored deep within that broken computer are all the photos you have taken in the last three years. Oaxaca, Paris, Lisbon, Dublin, Florence, Venice, Rome. Home Sweet Barcelona-Home. Sigh. Thankfully, all the files are backed up thanks to DPs swift tech-guy intervention. Finally, and somewhat unbelievably, we are both sick again.

Sometimes the universe sends you a sign. In this case, it has stopped just shy of dropping a grand piano on us. Although, school (including the precious college applications of the seniors with whom I work) will not be finished for another week, it is most definitely time for us to slow down. To take a break from the maddening rush. To shift gears and sleep late and drink hot chocolate and coffee just because. To write in my journal and read the novels piling up on my night stand. To let ourselves slip gently into the holiday season and rejoice.

Slow Blogs will return in January of 2009 (does that not seem impossible?) with a closer look at some of the blogs you are reading and writing. In the meantime, I welcome you slow bloggers to write about the slow blogs you are loving. Be sure to include the URL.

Frank Sinatra is singing in the background. He says, “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”


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