Florentine Market Roses and College Apps

This morning I want to write about Florence and about feasting on buffalo cheese and cherry tomatoes at a picnic table on the way to Siena and about driving through Tuscan hills burned orange by the late-afternoon sun. I want to write about panna cotta and our whirlwind trip to the market and these perfectly perfect roses.

But I can’t.

Right now, it’s all about this. The bottom photo. Part of my job as a high school counselor is to teach high school seniors how to apply to university… and to help guide them through that process. I am in love with my work and that’s a very good thing because, for the next two weeks, I will be proofreading drafts of college essays and assembling applications all day long… and dreaming about mile-high-piles of transcripts at night.

It’s all worth it, though. Every moment I spend on writing letters of recommendation and completing college applications is an investment in someone’s future.

You may want to check out another worthy cause, Passports with Purpose, a fundraiser that’s been launched by a group of bloggers here.


  1. @WendyYou know that it is absolutely not wrong! Do you remember how Pony Boy and his brothers ate chocolate cake for breakfast in "The Outsiders"? Same great impulse!

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