Nominate your favourite slow blog

We’re in Florence for the long weekend which means that we are moving more slowly, eating more slowly and enjoying this view of the Arno during magic hour.

This week, I am asking readers to nominate your favourite slow blogs. Go ahead… I know you want to! There are no rules whatsoever and you can even nominate yourself. I’ll just ask that you nominate a blog that is slow by design. (See the Slow Blog Manifesto if you are in doubt.)

Tell us what you love about the blog you are nominating! What makes you want to visit again and again? Be specific! And don’t forget to include the name and URL of the blog.

And, if you find yourself dreaming of Florence, here’s a little something for you!


  1. Hey – I like the idea of a slow blog, and I enjoy visiting yours. My blog is slow, too – I'd like to nominate it mostly because I am seeking cool readers. These readers, obviously, have to like slow blogs as well. Mine is and its poetry, philosophy, theology, Christianity, and all those thoughts that can't seem to be contained. Thanks, and Merry Christmas! Korie

  2. well you've already mentioned Primitive Culture, below, which I enjoy both for its writing and photography. Another I enjoy is Food and Thoughts – which is about food and cooking, but also so much more. The writing is thoughtful, and it always makes me want to be a much more considered cook than I actually am (or ever will be, probably…)

  3. Throwback at Trapper Creek"A diary, of sorts, to chronicle the similarities and differences of homesteading on a 1881 farm, in present day. Our farm is located in the Pacific Northwest near the Columbia River Gorge. Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible. We rotationally graze our beef cattle, use pigs to turn our compost and raise pastured turkeys. We raise most of our own food, use wood from our woodlot for heat, and maintain our own watershed, using a hydraulic rams for water delivery. Truly the best of both worlds!While this blog may contain some humorous posts, we are dead serious about quality of the food we raise for our family and our meat customers. We just try to see the entertaining side of country living and farm life."

  4. Perhaps I'm a little late on this, but I have a slow blog nomination. I'm totally biased–I'd like to nominate my own blog!My blog is a writing blog with a food theme. I like to write in such a way that it makes me see the world through fresh eyes–new thoughts, new tastes, new loves, new experiences. My hope is that this freshness is infused into the reading experience and that my readers walk away feeling happy and refreshed. If they head into the kitchen to cook or taste something new, that's a bonus ;-)My blog is Life, Love, and Food: 2009 to all!

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