To Florence with the Travel Club Kids

DP and I run a little travel club for high school students at our school. We’ve been to the Cinque Terre and Dublin and, this morning, we leave for Florence.

We’ll have a photography lesson with DP, eat at our favourite trattorias, go on a market tour and tasting with Judy, la Divina Cucina, wander through the Uffizi and drive through the Tuscan countryside in a rental car. (Thanks to DP for making this wish possible!)

We promise that there will be photos! Have a lovely weekend wherever you are spending it!

For more Friday Photos, visit the yummy photography goodness at Delicious Baby.


  1. Oh my, I remember working in Dublin and dealing with the influx of visiting Spanish student congregating on Grafton Street. I hope you have enjoyed your visits there.

  2. We adore Florence in the winter without the crowds! We were there last November and had snow, rain, a rainbow and sun. lolHave fun and say hello to Judy for me! Sounds like you have some great plans for the kids…travel cool!Can't wait to see more pics, one can never have too many of Florence! 😉

  3. @Angela K. NickersonThe students were between the ages of 13 and 15 and they were terrific!@WandermomWe took four teenaged boys to Dublin and I would say it was my favourite Travel Club trip. The people were just fantastic to us. Really kind and generous… and so funny!@Nomadic MattIs there such a thing as the coolest teacher in school? 🙂 The club has been amazing… I wish there had been a club like ours when I was in high school!@DominiqueI'll keep posting our shots of Florence and Siena… I have a couple more I'd like to share before we leave for Christmas in Budapest.@Soultravelers3Are you back in Spain now? It's quite cold in Barcelona this year… or maybe I'm just getting older. Judy's tour of the market in Florence was great fun for the kids.@CatherineI am really loving your blog "Little Fish in the Big Taco"! We actually use our long weekends… for this last break we asked for an additional day and were granted that so we were able to go to Italy for four days instead of just three. We also pay for our own trips which we realize not everyone would be willing to do but it's been a blast. We've done three trips and that's probably it as DP is helping to launch our school's Drama Festival and School Musical in the spring semester. Please e-mail me if you have more questions!@WendyThanks! It was lovely!@Heather on her TravelsTips for keeping 13 year-olds happy?1. I would say a balance between structured time and free time where they can choose an activity or wander around the market on their own. We all had each other's mobile numbers so we could reach each other at any time.2. Getting them involved in the planning3. Gelato (works for adults too)I think I should write a post about this!

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