Thanksgiving Edition (6)

This Thanksgiving weekend, I am giving thanks for the following blogs:

1. Escape From New York
In which Wendy, a New York City journalist and photographer, travels the world to photograph the people, icons and celebrations that make each country unique. She says that she often falls in love with cities at first sight. No matter how far she travels, however, she always returns to New York.
Take a look at her gorgeous photos of a Day of the Dead vigil in a Mexican community on Lake Patzcuaro.

2. Primitive Culture
In which Xander, an unpublished ethnographer and amateur photographer writes about his explorations from rugged Equatorial jungles, to steaming noodle shops, to crowded markets. Primitive Culture chronicles street-food, coffee culture, wildlife viewing, and urban life. Xander has been traveling throughout Southeast Asia, writing and photographing from Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.
I recommend his recent post called Leaving Asia?

3. Living Oprah
In which Robyn Okrant, a Chicago writer/actress/yoga instructor, is near the end of a year-long experiment during which she has endeavored to live according to advice given by Oprah on her television show, website and in O magazine. The experiment will conclude at the end of December at which time Robyn will assess whether the cost (including the money, time and energy) has been worth it.
Check out: Happy Thanksgiving, an account of Robyn’s Oprah-inspired Thanksgiving celebration.

4. Coffee Soup
In which Michele, a 37 year old mom of four kids (not to mention an expert knitter and drinker of copious amounts of coffee) writes a hilarious, sometimes bitter-sweet, account of real life in southern California.
My favourite Coffee Soup post: Christmas 2007

For what blogs are you giving thanks?


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