1. Your photo was so inspiring I had to post a sunset as well. Is that a rocky beach? As much as I love the beach, I hate sand so I am always on the lookout for rocky beaches. You have perfectly captured a special moment there!

  2. @globalgalI checked out your sunset. Nice! The beach at Nice is definitely rocky.@LindaThanks. It was good to be there at that time of day. The colours were pretty astonishing.@MarinaIt might have been a bit colder than chilly but let's go with your version!@Angela K. NickersonYou are most welcome! Thanks for saying that the shot is gorgeous… you are really helping my photography self-esteem!@DominiqueI'm really glad I got a chance to visit Nice even if it was in the winter. It is gorgeous.@JackieThanks so much!@Delicious BabyThis particular little one loved the stones. He (or she) was so bundled up against the cold weather that he kept toppling over. So adorable.@Nomadic MattLeave it to Matt to make the "Nice is nice" joke. Ha ha!

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