Imagine the French Riviera

Imagine that this comfy little rattan chair, complete with a thick, navy blue cushion, is yours for the day… an outdoor living room with a perfect view of the Mediterranean. Imagine that somone you love has just poured you a glass of red wine… a glass so full that several drops threaten to liberate themselves and spill out onto the little wooden table where you’ve droppped your novel and your moleskin journal. Imagine that you have no place to be, no work to complete, and no worries. You send all your cares and concerns out to sea, never to be heard from again. Drink your wine. Feel the sun on your face. Welcome to Nice.


  1. @Lovely DharmaOh… I love that your dog is named Lovely Dharma. That's fantastic! I hope you enjoyed both your virtual and your real glass of wine.@WendyIt was perfect (and freezing)… but you are in Panama so probably not SO cold!

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