Edition 5: Love and Chopsticks

There’s something about a round-the-world trip that always grabs my attention. As a Canadian teacher who has lived and worked in Colombia, Mexico and Spain, I’ve had more than my fair share of cool travel opportunities but still, there is something so thrilling about the idea of a trip around the world… and, I imagine, something so absurdly challenging about the reality that I always want to know more.

Enter Val and BG who blog at Love and Chopsticks. I love the tag line for their blog: “A thirty-something couple travels the world with too many electronic gadgets and not enough underwear.” They are Canadian too but, no, we don’t know each other. (It’s true that are only 33 million of us… but remember, it’s a BIG country.)

Why Love? Why Chopsticks?

Love. Val and BG have been together for 12 years, since their first week of university orientation, which is an impressive journey in itself. Love also refers to their relationship with travel and exploration. Chopsticks. Val writes that “Chopsticks represent a willingness to try and experience new things, persevere through trials and tribulations, and enjoy the experience along the way.” Lovely, right?

Preparing for the trip
Val and BG have been traveling since October of 2007. You can see their itinerary here. Here’s the gear that they took with them and a great post about the daunting task of packing for more than a year on the road. In a post called Love and Money they write about how they financed their trip in just six months. (This is nothing short of amazing… Val credits BG who must be some kind of financial wizard.)

These are some of my favourite stories and episodes from their trip:
1. Val and BG volunteered at an orphanage in Pattaya, Thailand from March until May of 2008. Read about it here.
2. Thank you thank you thank you… a post of gratitude to a family in New Zealand that made them feel at home. I really like that Val acknowledges what’s challenging about their trip as well as all that’s glorious.
3. Fish River Canyon in southern Namibia in October of 2008. I can’t help but love a post that begins, “Never before have I seen anything like this…”

Spend some time with Val and BG at Love and Chopsticks before they complete their trip at Christmas. Their last month of adventures will take them to Istanbul, Cairo, Zurich, Basel and Geneva. Their blog is charming, the writing is lively and engaging and their trip is the real deal. It’s all here… adventure, homesickness, penguins (really!), things that go terribly wrong and then right again, and the magic of traveling deep into the unknown. Have backpacks (including too many gadgets and not enough underwear), will travel!

Tell us about great (slow) travel blogs below…

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