1. This Friday is only taking me as far as the local tapas bar and Arthouse cinema in Colonia Cuauhtemoc DF…but the last 3 fridays have seen me in San Miguel, Patzcuaro and Zihua…like the series of photos.. a good combination

  2. @JenThanks so much for your lovely words about my photography. I am still learning – my partner DP is the real photographer in our household. I keep a small digital Sony Cyber-Shot in my purse (it looks like a James Bond camera) and most of these pictures were taken with that tiny digital. I also bought, this summer, a Canon Power Shot (with 12 times optical zoom) which takes great shots.@DominiqueI agree! The Parisians are always on the move… but not in a way that feels stressful to me. I love the vibe in Paris. It feels like people are on their way to good things including great meals with friends and family.@JackieI am happy you could come with me… even for a moment. There will be more photos coming… of Paris and Nice, France.@IvanaThanks for the compliment. Please send me an e-mail with a link to a personal blog.@CatherineThe tapas bar in DF sounds pretty good to me. Manchego cheese… yummmm! I have checked out your Mexico photos… they make me feel (as always) homesick for Mexico.@Nomadic MattI look forward to trying the food in Singapore… we have several good friends who love there and are definitely due for a visit.@CourtWell here's to vomit-free days and to pretty photos of Paris!

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