Thanks to those who stay

fishI’m sick today. It’s just a cold (you know the terrible hacking-cough kind where you lose your sense of taste)… and I know I’ll be over it soon enough but it’s easy to start to feel a bit bad for yourself as work piles up with no one there to complete it… and the world of people who are WELL and HEALTHY keeps marching on while you, bundled up in a duvet, watch from the sidelines.

It’s particularly important, then, that on sad-ass, feel-bad-for-myself days such as these, that I take a moment to express my gratitude for what is lovely and good. What I’d like to say, today, is a heart-felt thanks to all of my real-life friends and my blog people who come to this blog-space to read and look at the pictures of Paris and hang out a little bit and comment and keep me in such good company. I appreciate that you come and that you stay.


  1. Hi all! Thanks so much for your lovely wishes. DP and I are now in Nice, France to make a presentation at a conference and I am on the road to recovery.@Sarah MCollNo ginger snaps in Nice but we did have panna cotta at lunch and I could definitely taste it!@CJWho always says exactly the right thing. I'm going to live to see another day… and a trip to Greece!@Heather D. Thanks! I loved your photo of the door in Real de Catorce on 14 Lenses. So beautiful.@WendyGlad that the photos of Versailles made you happy on a grey day in NY. Ironically, it was a grey day in Versailles. But is was VERSAILLES so I got over it quickly :-)@SarahI promise to keep writing… it seems that I can't help myself. Thanks for reading! I hope you are taking care of yourself.@LewHi there, Northern California! Thanks for your very kind words.@CatherineI'm on the mend 🙂 Thanks!@KikiI will soon be right as rain. For lunch today, DP and I had beef stew in a little restaurant along rue Massena in Nice. It was delicious and exactly what the doctor ordered.

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