Edition 4: Orangette

DP, my partner, is the cook in our household. (God bless a man who is comfortable in the kitchen.) His specialties are ginger and hoisin pork, pasta sauce with diced tomatoes, cayenne pepper and just a hint of honey, chicken curry, and highly inventive salads. The only thing I’ve ever seen him use a recipe for is pancakes and it’s the same recipe he’s been using since he was nine.

He takes his inspiration from an eclectic mix of culinary influences. We are both Canadian. DP’s heritage is Chinese and Jamaican. We’ve lived in Colombia, Mexico and Spain. As people who also love to eat out, we hit the jackpot with the local cuisines in Mexico and Spain. Imagine our delight the first time we tasted chicken with mole in Oaxaca and cantaloupe wrapped in Iberico ham in Barcelona. We’ve also been feasting on macarons and roast chicken in Paris recently.

The difference between us is that where I find cooking stressful, DP seems to thrive on the creation of new meals. He makes it look so easy…

So does Molly at Orangette.

When I first discovered Orangette almost two years ago, I felt that Molly was writing her food blog just for me. This turned out not actually to be the case. Orangette is not a small, overlooked blog; it is hugely successful, widely-celebrated and much-loved blog. Orangette is truly a slow blog because Molly is committed to telling original stories about food and life (and the delicious place where they meet) in her own engaging voice.

What’s to love at Orangette:
1. Molly’s extraordinary narrative writing style. Each recipe is really an excuse to tell a story (or two).

2. The photographs. Orangette was the first place I saw photos of food taken from above. Those aerial views are everywhere now but not when I first spotted them on Orangette. She also takes beautiful polaroids.

3. Her recipes. Whether they are original or adapted, her instructions are clear and easy to follow.

4. The title of her blog. orangette (n): 1) a strip of candied orange peel dipped in chocolate; 2) a blog-style collection of stories, often autobiographical and always gastronomical.

5. “Because of the cookies”, Posted 4.28.2008. Buttermilk Cookies with Lemon Zest.

6. “That’s all”, Posted 3.24.2008. “We didn’t really plan to go to Brussels. We were just looking for a vacation, that’s all. Then one December night, over a couple of glasses of prosecco and a pizza, our friend Olaiya happened to tell me that she had just found cheap tickets to Brussels…”

7. “All we ever really want to do”, Posted 3.17.2008. “It’s very hard, let me tell you, to know where to begin. I guess it would be smart to start with Brussels, since that’s where we went first, but then, you know, there’s also Paris…”

8. “Over and out”, Posted 2.25.2008. In which Molly, a girl after our own hearts, photographed her sink full of dirty dishes. To be fair to Molly and Brandon, they were sick with the flu.

9. The Index of Recipes organized into categories.

10. Four and a half years of posts. Molly’s been writing Orangette since July of 2004.

Thanks, Molly!

What are your favourite food blogs? Please leave the names and URLs in the comment section below.


  1. check out glutenfreegirl.blogspot.comnot just a wonderful food blog, especially for those with restricted diets, but also a true love and life story that just gets better and better!

  2. I have so many! It's definitely an obsession. I love orangette as well, and smittenkitchen.com, Tea and Cookies (www.teaandcookies.blogspot.com), La Tartine Gourmande (www.latartinegourmande.com)and The Wednesday Chef (www.thewednesdaychef.com). They all give me so much inspiration for my own little novice food blog.

  3. Oh, Orangette was the first food blog I read, about three years ago, and I still wait for her new posts every week. The food is very me, and the writing is so beautiful.

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