A Walk Along the Seine

It was our third visit to Paris… it was cold and rainy… I loved every second.

As we walked along the Seine, I discovered a desire to slow down and to breathe deeply. As we walked along the Seine, we noticed other people talking, making music, falling in love and observing us. As we walked along the Seine, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the life that DP and I share.

For what are you grateful?


  1. @Jay.PriebeThat's the sweetest thing for which to be grateful! Thanks!@MarinaBest wishes finding your next beautiful city!@Anne at Pret a VoyagerHi. It's great to hear from you. Paris is still charming, even in the rain. I took lots of great shots of people and their umbrellas.I like your new header… and really enjoyed your series on Austin, a city I LOVE!

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