Edition 3: The Glass Door Knob

Have you ever lived in an old house with glass door knobs? The house in which I grew up was built in the 1960s and there wasn’t much in the design of that bungalow to inspire a wide-eyed dreamer. My father’s Aunt Bess, however, lived in a glass-door-knob-kind-of-a-house at her family homestead in the tiny farming community of Bristol, Quebec. The old stone house was filled with wonderful surprises; there were glass door knobs on every door, a secret hiding spot under the stairs and a drawer for cutlery hiding in the kitchen table. When I was five years old, I imagined that heaven must be very much like my Aunt Bessie’s Victorian house.

Shari’s lovely blog The Glass Door Knob evokes that same sense of wonder in me. She writes extraordinary posts about the ordinary moments that comprise a life, and she uses all of her senses to observe the world around her. She reminds her readers gently to pay attention to the details.

Shari titles each post with a number and the simplicity of this system appeals to me. Sometimes she gives her post a subtitle, a loving little nickname.

Shortly after I began reading The Glass Door Knob, Shari announced that she would be moving from Durham North Carolina to Vermont.

“Picture this” Shari wrote. She posted a photograph of a road in Vermont. The scene reminded me so much of the Ottawa Valley where I grew up, it made my heart ache.

Shari wondered whether she would continue writing her blog. 23 readers commented with “Please don’t stop blogging” and “Take us with you.”

580: signing off for now
Shari wrote a good-bye song to Durham. As an international educator, I do a lot of leaving and this lovely song resonated with me. I played it for my partner, DP. We smiled quietly. I like that Shari left Durham mindfully, that she said good-bye properly, savouring the things and people she had loved there.

648: notes on reading aloud
One of my favourite posts.

If you like Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim on Tinker Creek, you will love Shari’s elegant prose and her gorgeous, lush photographs at The Glass Door Knob.


  1. I love this idea. Finding blogs I really connect with has been a challenge in the huge formula-laden blogosphere. This project is an inspiring find! I'm already enjoying Shari's posts at The Glass Door Knob and am looking forward to reading more from slow bloggers.Bravo Slow Blogs! Thanks, Monna.

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