Day and Night in Paris

When DP and I visited Paris recently, we stayed on Rue Cler in the 7th Arrondissement, about a ten minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. We visited it twice… I never tire of this view. I love to watch people who are obviously seeing the Tower for the first time. They are, quite simply, bewitched.

I found an interesting tidbit that connects the Eiffel Tower to my (current) fair city. Apparently, Gustave Eiffel originally planned to build the tower in Barcelona for the Universal Exposition of 1888 but the people at Barcelona city hall found it to be a strange and expensive construction that did not fit into the design of the city. Eiffel then submitted his proposal to the planning committee of the Universal Exhibition in Paris. The rest is history… and blue sparkling lights!


  1. What beautiful images of the world's most famous tower! I didn't know that it was originally intended to grace the skyline of Barcelona. Greetings from San Fran Bay Area. L.

  2. i was unimpressed by the tower the first time i saw it…i thought…that's it? ehhh but then the second day…i just could get enough…..maybe b/c the tower looks better against a blue background and not grey cloudy skies!

  3. @LewHi, San Francisco! Yours is a city I do not yet know but would like to visit. Actually, someone recently told me that people who like Paris and Barcelona tend to like San Francisco as well. What do you think about that?Thanks for the compliments on the shots. There is just something so cool about Eiffel's Tower. Perhaps it makes us all feel as though we are in our own little movie… set in Paris.@Nomadic MattThank goodness you came to your senses! The line up to go up the tower on our last day was so (SO!) long that we actually laughed out loud. Then we went to a museum instead.

  4. We walked down to the Tower every evening we were in Paris. We didn't have the blue lights, but it was equally bewitching with its white lights when we were there. One of my favorite photos is one I took looking straight up into the center of the tower at night…it's sort of an abstract thing.Where the lights blue for a special event?Great shots! Thanks for sharing!

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