Edition 2: Heather on Her Travels

Today, it’s all about Heather on Her Travels. (Even the name of her blog is delicious!) Heather Cowper lives in Bristol in the UK which she wrote about here and here and here. I have been reading her blog for the better part of a year and in that time she has written prolifically about her travels including trips to Ecuador, Italy, Spain and Greece.

What I really love about Heather’s blog is that her posts are like lovely, well-written letters filled with delicious details from a friend – the rare kind of friend who still writes letters. She always includes plenty of great photographs that make me feel as if I am right there with her.

Heather was my very first guest blogger and I believe I was hers. She wrote a beautiful post entitled Memories of Travelling and Rome here and I wrote about some of my favourite European cities in a post called Teacher Meets Europe over at her blog.

Heather is a generous blogger who has even befriended Nomadic Matt and offered him lodging and a tour of her fair city. You can read about it here.

Heather is currently writing a fantastic series about the Greek island of Zakynthos. If the weather where you live is anything like Barcelona’s weather right now (ours is cold and rainy), visit Greece with Heather. She’ll take you on her travels!


  1. Thankyou so much Mona for featuring me. Sometimes I feel like I'm randomly throwing my ramblings out into the blogsphere so it's nice to know that someone is reading them!I like your slow blog manifesto and am glad to be included in a group of slow blogs you consider to be well-written, authentic and worth the time.

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