Creativity Project Round-Up and a Winner!

DP stands in the leaves at Versailles

October is all about change! Leaves are falling, seasons are changing and throughout the blogosphere (and beyond), people are creating cool new things to share with others.

Kiki the Spunky Munky discovered Etsy and set up a store here. She is sharing art-related items and collections and plans to expand her store to include craft projects such as the tapestry backpack purse she will be making soon. She blogs at Kiki the Spunky Munky and is considering creating a new blog for her photography which is a relatively new creative outlet for her.

Wonderwebby, who is an ambassador for Women’s Opportunity, recently decided to use social media and the creativity of women around the world to help drive awareness and raise funds for a trust bank in the Philippines. She has invited women to write a sentence about the power of a woman’s investment. She will be putting together the quotes along with some of Amy’s Palko’s photos for a slideshare project. You can visit her project at A Woman’s Investment.

During the month of October, April has been taking photographs at least once a week and is considering starting a blog on which to share her photographs (Oh, please do!) She has also been practicing the violin every day and is still looking for a teacher. If you are a violin teacher living near Waxahachie, Texas, please e-mail April here at Teacher Meets World and I’ll forward the message to her. (You never know!)

Me? I created Slow Blogs, a new blog to celebrate small non-commercial blogs. I will be posting there each Saturday. I took one thousand photographs in Paris. Today, November 1st, I will begin my second NaNo WriMo novel. Wish me luck.

The Draw
DP, in that scrupulously-honest-beyond-reproach way of his, drew a name from the creativity hat. Congratulations to Wonderwebby who has won a 25 dollar gift certificate at Please e-mail me at teachermeetsworld (at) gmail (dot) com so that I can send you your gift certificate!

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