How to Pack for Paris: An Annotated List

Packing for Paris feels like a lot of pressure. I obsessed a bit. Then I made a list:

Large suitcase[1]
Black ballet flats[2]
Keen running shoes[3]
Knee length black trench coat[4]
Lots of black tops[5]
A black sweater and matching cardigan[6]
My best pair of jeans[7]
Long jersey skirt[8]
A selection of scarves[9]
“Girl Maintenance” items[10]
An extra bag[11]
My MacBook[12]
Both of my cameras[13]
Moleskin journal[14]
Rick Steves’ Paris Guidebook[15]

[1] The very same HUGE bag that I used to move to Europe. Spacious enough, in fact, to pack my own pillow. I know… crazy!
[2] Chic beyond belief, these little shoes
[3] Slightly cuter and less horrible than hiking boots. Please note that I am also taking the hiking boots!
[4] That I have owned for an entire year and just now got around to having the sleeves shortened so that I could wear it to Paris
[5] Because you just can’t go wrong with black. (That’s what THEY say!)
[6] For cool (but stylish) evenings
[7] They wear jeans in Paris, right?
[8] For swirling and twirling out on the town. Ooh la la!
[9] Red and burgundy silk scarf, black and grey knit scarf, burgundy wrap… I couldn’t decide so I packed all three!
[10] Click here and read footnote [9] for details regarding my red Rick Steves bag
[11] Just in case there is shopping…
[12] E-mail, blogging, and checking the weather
[13] For capturing decadent Parisian moments
[14] For capturing decadent Parisian moments in writing (at cafes, ideally)
[15] Because, after all this time, Rick Steves has never let me down!

What would you pack for three days in Paris?


  1. @Mara from Mother of All TripsThanks for all of your amazing comments. DP and I don't have any kids… I can only imagine the circus show that would result if I were packing for me and a child (or two). As it worked out, I didn't wear half of my lovely Paris wardrobe. Ha! (Irony!)I loved the photo of the things you carried to Paris to keep the kids happy! I think the pioneers were working too hard just to stay alive to be worried about the baggie of crayons. (If it's not one thing, it's another!)

  2. I consistently overpack *where ever* we go!! You just never know when the weather will change or you'll sudden be too bloated to wear a particular outfit!Paris is one of my favorite places. Your posts brought back some wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing,Ciao

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